Monday, November 22, 2010

Saying good by to some parts

Yesterday I gave some old trim pieces away to one of the members. Luckily the pieces she needed were parts that escaped the teams sawsall wielding maniac (he knows who he is).

So in addition to knowing these unused parts will live on in another Cutlass Ciera although they will soon be painted a different color. We will also got a little help in diagnosing our engine problem, get a strut bar made over the winter for us, and some assistance in some other work.

Got to love the web.

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Our car is worth....

I sent in this to Jay to get the Residual Value for the Cutlass Ciera

I’m writing to get the residual value for the Racing 4 Nickels 1989 Oldsmobile Cutlass Ciera from the Chicago Race.

First off the car didn’t finish the race. During the race the car started bog down under acceleration you would lose all power on the straights if you tried to accelerate down the entire straight. It got to the point with about an hour left we had to be towed in because the car just wouldn’t get any power to the wheels at all. We got it back to the pits and the car wouldn’t start back up. Not exactly sure what the issue is yet, could be something with the ignition, or fuel system, possibly the car became self aware and knew as an Oldsmobile it shouldn’t be on the track, or the car was sabotaged as part of the automotive industry conspiracy to ruin the legacy of Ransom E Olds, or something else all together.

Besides that the suspension is pretty nonexistent. Minutes after unloading the car Nick and the Judges stopped by where Judge Sam urged us to immediately go to the parts store and buy new shocks since they weren’t sure the car actually had any. I’m guessing that the softest suspension that GM could put on the car didn’t help, although it did allow us to have a nice smooth ride. When we braked the back tires felt like they were going to come off the road, and when we turned it looked like we were going to go up on 2 wheels. Here are some pics from Judge Phils gallery showing the lack of suspension. Here is one of braking, and the driver isn’t even braking that hard since he is a ways away from the corner and no one by him. And here is a series showing our car taking a turn.

We also have the normal issues of a 21 year old Midwest car. Hoses that appear to have never been changed and the car rusting away to nothing. I’ve already found a nice size of metal that should have been still part of the car but had rusted off, and its only time until other parts follow including various things in the engine bay.

Finally and worst of all, somehow one of the drivers broke both the cigarette lighter and the horn.

And this is what I heard back from Jay

Oh man--I really don't think that car has any residual value at all. Let's say $0.00. I only regret that I can't give you a negative number, which would more accurately represent the horror, anger, and shame currently felt your neighbors.

So yeah the car is completely worthless.

Sunday, November 14, 2010

Before and After, Glasspack

I was getting the stuff together today to get a residual value on the car. while taking some pics I looked at the glasspack. Here is the pic from when we installed it.

And here is the picture from today

Pretty much all of the red on the outside is now a yellow. It really hasn't had all that much running time but I guess the combination of being much closer to the engine than it normally would be and that racing the car is pushed harder longer than a street car. Other than the paint getting toasted it looks fine so we shouldn't have to worry about a replacement hopefully.