Thursday, September 6, 2012

New Merchandise

Since we changed our theme it meant we made all kinds of new merchandise that no one else will buy.  Even so I thought I should at least try to sell them just cause.

In case you miss the link on the right, you can buy all our stuff old and new here

So now that you know where to buy these fine and stylish items, its time to show what's new.

First is the Official Godzilla Defense Force Team shirt.
These are the shirts that were given to all the drivers.  So you show up at a race with this people will just assume your driving on our team.  While wandering around the paddock looking like a driver lets you get all kinds of interesting offers like bacon for letting another team pass you.

OK so maybe you aren't ready to look like a driver but still want to show support.  We have another shirt for that too.

Besides not looking like us, this one is made of a bit heavier material to better protect you from things like the cold, and giant monsters, and getting hit by cars. (We make no guarantee that this shirt can protect you from cars, monsters or even the cold) You also can choose your own color, cause we really don't have any idea what colors really go with each other so maybe you can have better luck in it then us.

So what if you wish to purchase a shirt for a tiny person.
We now have shirts for toddlers.  You can choose colors with this shirt too so you can also make it more girly

What if you are concerned about safety, or just really enjoy being bright and noticed
We also have the high visibility safety vest.  As a bonus most places people assume you belong where ever you are if you are wearing a brightly colored vest.

Maybe you don't want clothes, maybe you are a nudest but still would like to show your support.
But not only does this cup have the Godzilla Defense Force Logo but also our old logo.

 Well those are the new addition to the shop that no one ever buys anything from.