Tuesday, February 5, 2013

LeMons in the Wild

While on my way to the Liquor store I glanced quite the looker sitting in the corner of the Jewel Parking lot.  It inspired me to do a rather poor imitation of the Murilee Martin Down on the Street photoshoot.

Well the car was in a parking lot and not on the street but it is a fine example of the Malaise era, the revival of a classic name, built by the most American of all car Companies, with an incredible factory paint job.

Behold the 1978 AMC Concord AMX

Clearly this is far from the Alameda as can be seen by the white stuff covering the ground and AMX, but it does say something about this car that even after 35 years in the land of rust handle the snow.

While this car came with the special AMX Black with gold striping option they didn't get the AMC Exclusive Levis interior, but the Tan interior still looks pretty nice and goes well with the striping.
The hood bulge was standard for the AMX model but since it has a manual transmision it means that this car has the I6.

Also standard with the AMX Model is the Wheel Flares
The front has single round headlights, flat black grill, large round parking lights, and front air dam

The Back of the car got a rear plate depression and rear window louvers

Because what says sports car more than louvers

And most important was that they removed the concord padges and instead just put AMX infront of the rear wheels
Sadly only one side seems to have kept the decal.  Now the striping goes is suppose to go up the b pillar and over the roof, which we will just have to assume happens.  The red pinstriping I'm not sure if they were from the factory but if they weren't they should have been.
 It also has some pretty nice wheels, with approriate raised white letter tires
Atleast one of them was the even more appropriate BF Goodridge T/A Radial

I'm not sure if it unfortunately or fortunately the car wasn't for sale but when I went back past the parking lot it was gone so I'll be sure to keep my eye out for it in the area. 

Saturday, January 12, 2013

It seems Spambots really like Opels

More specifically it seems Spambots really like 1960 Opel Reckords.

Although no one has posted anything new here recently due to it being the off season I still occasionally check in here and look at the stats.

Now the post that has always had the most views has always been the post on the leaf blower forced induction, because obviously that is a great idea.  The one that typically has been the second most viewed was the Pick n Pull  picture pages edition  partially because everyone loves Junk yard pictures but I think mainly because of this picture. 

I think alot of people assume this is one might be one from an actual Junk Yard site not just some idiot who took to put on a blog about a Cutlass Ciera race car.

However that has now gone down to third being replaced by a post about an Opel Reckord found on eBay back before we bought the Olds.  The auction has long been erased off ebay but that does seem to deter the spam bots which have viewed the page 100s of times since then and even left over a dozen comments.

Now its understandable cause a 60 Reckord is quite a looker
Sadly the auction when I stopped watching it was over $4000 and hadn't hit the reserve yet meaning it wasn't going to sell for Lemons money

So it sounds like if anyone can ever find one to run they will get lots of fans, sure they will be annoying programs that just leave annoying messages trying to send you to sites that will steal your identy, but fans are fans right?