Friday, June 19, 2009

Dangerous Banned Racing Tech: Jet Engine Part 3

Ok this one isn't really a jet engine, Actually it is really considered a rocket but its close enough for LeMons.

ANyway the 3rd engine is the Overheated Water Rocket. This one isn't as easy to find detailed instructions on, however the theory makes it that you really don't need instructions on any of it except the nozzle.

This is the theory of how it works. You put some water in a sealed pressure tank. You then heat the water up. As the water heats it expands, however since it can't expand since it is sealed in a tank it increases the pressure inside, as the pressure increases the boiling point of water increases which allows the water to try and expand more which increases the pressure which increases the boiling point which.. well you get the point. So once you get all this extreemely hot water at a high pressure you open a nozzle and the water shoots out the back. Once this water gets out of the tank were the pressure is back to normal it instantly turns into steam.

This rockets most famous use is in the Evil Knieve Sky cycles in his jumps over snake river canyon. Although there is also a video of the current speed record holder in a overheated water rocket car of 214 mph in 2.5 seconds.

Below is an article explaing how this works and the youtube video of the record breaking car.

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