Sunday, September 20, 2009

So we have a car

We went back to look at the Cutlass Ciera again. This time we were able to put in a battery and it started right up, well it did after we finally screwed the battery in well enough, and with the hole in the exhaust even sounded like a race car. Drove it around the block, well a couple blocks, and everything seemed ok. So we bought it.

Have a little work to do on it but nothing to bad so there shouldn't be a problem getting it ready to race. Now to figure out a theme.

Well here are some pics of our little race car, where it will sit for a while, atleast until we buy a battery for it.


  1. Well, I guess it's official then. :)

  2. I drove it back from Naperville down Ogden. It runs good. The pickup is ok, It does have a power steering leak, but the power steering works when the system has fluid in it.

  3. I know the car is that amazing.