Tuesday, November 10, 2009

More Pictures and Work Update

So since we have a lot of new pictures to share, we will updated on this last weekend and then get to the pictures

So on Sunday we installed the new beefy sway bar and replaced the rear shocks, that gets us through most of the parts we picked up so far. We still need to install the new temp sender, and the transmission cooler, but most of the suspension upgrades are done. Though after we installed the rear shocks, we are going to look in to doing the front since they are now not as good as the rear.

Now for the Pictures: 

So here are the old rusted lug-nuts that were a pain to get off the car.

Here is the new beefy sway bar

Here is the new beefy sway bar sanded and painted


Here is the new beefy swaybar and the old swaybar


The old rear shock and the newer rear shock

 Some Pictures of Bob and Duffy working on the car


The new and old upper motor mount or dog bone

The front tires with the car badges on them

And lastly our new favorite parts maker

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  1. you forgot to mention the 50 cents we found, plus it is kind of amazing how much the primer matches the original paint color.

    Moog the Problem Solver is Pleased