Monday, March 15, 2010

Rims technology good enough for a ferrari race car

The Formula 1 Season started this weekend and among the controversial technological advances were the Ferrari's rims.

Rule changes have made all the teams remove the the spats all the teams had on their wheels to increase airflow and cool the brakes. While all the other teams seems to have just taken them off and figured they would have to deal with it Ferrari decided to add some extra parts to the rim to make for the loss. Here is an article detailing it.

When you look at the rims of the Cutlass Ciera you will notice that the holes are lifted up and angled out to get the same effect that the add pieces to the Ferrari rims do.

Sure the Ferrari rims are for more elaborate and fancier, but that is what you get for 21 years of extra development and millions of dollars to design it. Ours came stock on the car and can be had at junkyards for $35.

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