Sunday, October 3, 2010

coolers and some extra parts

Got the oil cooler sorted. Took the sandwich plate off, took it apart put some grey rtv on the leaking fittings let it set and put everything back together and no more leaking.

Also added another transcooler. the one we got off a caddy in the junkyard had a slightly larger size fitting (3/8th opposed to 5/16th that the car currently has) fortenantly it is close enough that we were able to force the 5/16th line on the 3/8th fitting so that all worked out. also meant we got around to changing the trans fluid which I left up to Pete.

Also while we were waiting for the rtv to set we started taking the lights off since we aren't going to want them on the car for the race since we won't need them and they can only get broken. We also took off the grill to make it easier to put on the coolers. Have to say with all that off the car does look meaner.

On the other hand that back of the car with the bumper off and all the rest doesn't look quiet as good. We will put rest back on after we figure out where to drill for the tow hook.

we also took off the side molding since it will give us more room to put on the number

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