Monday, May 23, 2011

Well that is not the problem

So we final had a chance to work on the car.  At the end of the race in October it was misfiring, and refused to start when hot.  The general consensus from our friends at and other people we talked to was to pull the ICM & Coils and have them tested.

 Here is what it sounded like on Sunday,

After removing the fan we were able to get some better, but not great access to the ICM. 




We did remember to lable the spark plug wires so we connect them back up in the correct order.




Some spiders decided that the space between the coils and the ICM would make a good home. Also all that cracking on the ICM is just grease or silicone and cleaned right up.  

So we took the ICM to O'Reilly's to have it tested. They ran the test 3 time and it came back good everytime. We also ohm out the coils and they were within spec.

Hopefully we have time this weekend to put it all back together, and try the next thing on our list which is replacing the crank sensor.

If anyone else has any suggestion, we are open to hear them.

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  1. I still like how the cylinders are listed on the coils so you no which connection goes to what coil.