Saturday, October 29, 2011

Thems the Brakes

In a continuation of the I really should have posted this 2 weeks ago series, Here is the autopsy of the front brakes after the race.

For those who didn't make it through the last post (with how long it was I can't blame you) we ran the hour and half with the front brakes squeeling pretty bad.  So the Saturday after the race we decided to see just how bad it was.  When we removed the front wheels this is what we saw.

Probably a good thing I tried to not use the brakes at all last stint.

The pads we used were Hawk HPS.  We used these  last year and they did pretty well and when we inspected them they still had roughly half their material left.  So we figured we were going to the same place and just moving about 100 feet from where we raced last year, how different could it really be.

Well I guess about this different

So I guess we will actually start listening to everyone on the forum and actually look into buying real endurance racing pads, along with decent tires.  The odd part is that both Porterfield and Carbotech seem to actually stock pads for A-bodies.

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