Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Pick n Pull - Picture Pages Edition

Because Duff's post were full of only words and therefore boring and because Bill Cosby rocks, the never asked for Picture Pages Racing 4 Nickels Blog Entry

So we went to the summit Pick n Pull and saw lots and lots of cars

Some of course were picked over more than others

Some would make great LeMons cars by name alone, let alone the fact that they look goofy and even though branded as a Pontiac is actually a Daewoo.

So we went to work in this wonderland of cars, starting at white Cutlass

Where we quickly went to taking the rear shocks, and the 43 cents we found inside.

Then we went to visit the little blue wagon we had taken the instrument cluster from the week before.

Where you can see our handy work with the vice grips

Then we went to see a celebrity wagon

But not just any type of Celebrity Wagon

Where we took its front sway bar, the beefy f41 kind. Since a couple nuts would cooperate, Mr Duffy went a bit nuts with the hammer

And then we went home with our new parts.

The End?


  1. More like "to be continued...."

  2. but I've always been a bigger fan of the godzilla The End?