Sunday, November 4, 2012

Post 2012 Chubba Cheddar Enduro residual

With the preliminary new schedule being posted I figured it was time to ask for a residual.  Normally I am quicker to ask for one but being that none of us have looked at the car since the race I kept putting it off.  With winter coming fast I knew it was best to get it done now so we can plan for next year.

Here is what I wrote:

Ok, honestly none of have even looked at the car since the race.  It finished the race, it somehow was able to be slightly faster than a 60’s MG B on a high horsepower track, and not break down as much as everyone else in our class.  I stuck the key in the car and it started up and made the usual mixture of good sounds and bad sounds.

So the schedule came out today and while I’m sure we aren’t actually going to look at the car anytime soon I’m guessing the rest of the team will start wanting to plan for next year so I guess we should know how much money we can spend and make grand plans that we will procrastinate on and not bother doing anyway.

And this is what I got in reply
I think your car is a little too good for Class C now, so that means I'm giving you a residual that will let you upgrade its performance to compete in B class. We'll say $1 residual, so you can get some good suspension stuff. Or, if you're crazy, you could get a more powerful engine. 
 I guess our little Cutlass Ciera has graduated out of C, which I guess we should be proud of our little guy, but it's not really what we were looking for since I'm not sure we the drivers\crew are ready to move up, even if the Olds is.  I just hope if we are in B that we are still eligible for the let the Simca pass you for bacon program.


  1. Wow,you guys are as good as the Lemon-Aid Metro!

  2. Clearly we are better since we get bumped after only one decent race finish. It took them 3 wins and a couple other high finishes to get bumped.