Friday, April 17, 2009

always when we postpone getting started

Every time we decide we have to push back our timeline a bunch of interesting automotive possibilities pop up. So far this week I've seen a 1978 Subaru brat with a bunch of spare parts, a 66 pontiac bonniville, a handful of cutlas cierras a buick century, and a diesel volkwagon rabit pickup. There were a handful of other intersting options too that I can't remeber off hand. I know there will be other cars when we do finalize the team and get to the point that we shop for a car but we probably won't find an old brat.


  1. You could buy it and hold on to it until we finaly do this, or buy it and fix it up for yourself

  2. Its still best to hold off unless we find some kind of amazing value, like free working car.