Friday, April 24, 2009

New rule change

This just in from Chief Perpetrator Jay Lamm

In a perfect world, you wouldn't need to tell guys not to point their exhaust at their gas tank. I mean, I'd have thought that was right up there with "no shoulder harnesses made of piano wire" and "no one-handed skeet shooting while driving." But as further evidence (if any was needed) that LeMons teams can concoct bad ideas faster than we can devise prohibitions, some E30 lads managed just that in Carolina, with impressively boomy results.

Thus, I give you the two newest items in LeMons' Official Rulebook, Rules 3.24 and 3.25, both effective immediately. In a nutshell, 3.24 says your exhaust shouldn't fall the hell off or boil the gas in your tank; 3.25 says bring a floor jack to tech, because we wanna see if you read 3.24. They're currently listed in red on the Rules page.

Note one-handed skeet shooting while driving still legal, so be sure to continue working on your aim.

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