Saturday, May 16, 2009

Dangerous Banned Racing Tech: Jet Engine Part 1

The ultimate in Dangerous Banned Racing tech, the Jet engine. While the reasons this is Dangerous happens to also be the reason banned and really aren't that difficult for anyone to figure out. These reasons also mean there is no way this would ever pass tech inspection. Not passing tech inspection does not mean you won't still win the award.

Any way here are a few links. The first two are instructions on building a jet engine from a turbo charger. The last is a jet built from a turbo mounted on a go kart going 50 mph


  1. It would be fun just to try and build a jet engine like that.

  2. before you pick your project I have at least 2 more models

  3. btw it works best with a big turbo from a truck, so the turbo on my car is too small and no good, also my car is using it so stop eyeing it.