Monday, May 4, 2009

Dangerous Banned Racing Tech: Training Wheels

Nothing says newb like training wheels.

Of course besides pointout out we are newbs it would stop us from flipping or even rolling over a certain amount, the metal strucure would probably take out the tires of the first person to try and sideswipe us, not that we would do that on purpose....


  1. I'm diligently clicking on your ads. I will now be censoring which ones as there is a website dedicated to photographs from colonoscopies. Eww. Gross.

  2. Yes I've seen that and will not take the product cause I'd rather have that stuff stay inside than see it come out.

    Also there is a liposuction one that I am not clicking on that I am guessing is equally icky.

  3. If you see ads that you think i should block, send me the url and i'll add it to the blocked list.

  4. I beleive you should have to go to it and see the horror of it yourself