Monday, October 19, 2009

Pick N Pull

So Bob and I went down to the local Pick N Pull on Sunday just to check it out.  We asked if they any any cars with parts for our '89 Ciera and the computer told them no. We decided to go wander the lot anyway so we paid the $2 each and wondered out in to the yard.

It was strange to see all of those cars up on blocks, there to donate their parts before going to the big scrapyard in the sky.

We did endup finding some potential parts cars, Most of them were early 90 Ciera's, we also found an old Celebrity Eurosport.  The Eurosport has the front sway bar that we want but the bolts were so rusted we couldn't get it removed. We did end up spraying it with penetrating oil and plan to go back with some better tools to try and remove it.

One thing we did come away with was an upgraded gauge cluster, that has a temp indicator. We removed it from a 92 Ciera.  When we got back we installed in in our '89 and every thing except the temp gauge is working,  we think we may have to get a different temp probe to send the correct info.

There were alot of GM cars with oil and trans coolers, we hope to pick up one of each when we go back. 

Over all it was a good experience and we have a better understanding of what is available. Hopefully we will go back next week and return with more parts.

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  1. I kind of wished we could save the old eurosport wagon but I guess taking the sway bars and maybe some badges off it will have to do.

    Course that isn't counting the bmw or volvo wagon for sale up front for $650.