Monday, October 26, 2009

Return to the Pick N Pull

So Bob and I ventured back to the Pick N Pull Sunday morning to get some more parts for our car. Armed with a breaker bar and an assortment of other tools we were able to get a few more of the parts we needed, like the larger front sway bar from the Celeberity Eurosport and some like new looking  rear shocks from a 90's Ciera SL.
We also came away with a transcooler that we should be able to connect right up to the existing transmission lines. It is hard to tell how many passes the transcooler is but I believe it is still leaking out trans fluid as I write this.
We looked for a temp sender so we can get the temp gauge working but it looks like we may have to get that new since it was only on our engine for 2 model years. We are also still looking for an engine oil cooler but those seem harder to come by.

After we were done at the Pick N Pull we stoped at O'Reilly auto parts a got the part we need to fix the power steering leak.

Over all it was a good day of parts gathering and we are now about $260 in to the $500 car parts budget.

Some bonus things we came away with from the Pick N Pull were an old police billy club, some 2.8L badges off of the Eurosport and about $0.36 we found when removing the back seat of a Ciera SL so we could get to the shocks.

Bob did take some pictures and we will get those posted sometime soon.

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