Monday, August 23, 2010

Racing Seat and other things

Saturday we went up to Northstar Motorsports to look at seats. When we went up there there wasn't much left. The person running the store told us they had a run last week on seats. She didn't say it was because of Lemons, but since she knew what it was, and I can't think of to many other things that would cause a run of race seats in the middle of August, I'm going to guess that was what caused the increase in their sales. Luckily they had one left of the seat we would have bought anyway the Corbeau FX1 Pro, since it was the one that fit us best.

Some of us couldn't wait to try it out though

So while we were able to leave with the seat they had to order the brackets. Strangely they don't brackets to mount race seats to Cutlass Cieras

Other things that didn't quite make it up here since my last post.

Changed the oil, not sure why since once it was out it was so clean I could see myself in it.

well maybe it wasn't so clean I could see myself in it, maybe it was so dirty...

Also the Cutlass decided that it would take it on itself to start shedding weight by dropping some sheet metal from the wheel wells.

Finally Today When I was trying to figure out what was around the bottom of the trunk I saw a little box duct taped to the fuel fill. After becoming mostly certain that it wasn't important to car, or even look like it belonged to it, I removed it to find that it was a magnet key holder(not sure how good the magnets are since it had to be held on by duct tape). Inside I found a 3rd door key and 4th ignition key.

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