Sunday, August 29, 2010

Shopping spree, filters, switch and seat

Now that we are officially in we figured we can start taking care of some of those things that we've been putting off.

So first we did a bit of a shopping spree.

Basically got the oil and oil filter since it was on sale. Got the wink mirror so we have it, some hardware for fastening all it, some wire and switch that I'll talk about later, air and fuel filter, and car cover.

We swapped out the air filter which is a good thing since it looks like the old one had mold, and I'm guessing the engine doesn't like moldy air.

Changed the fuel filter which we'll just say didn't go as easily as we had hoped.

We also wired in a switch that allows us to manually turn on the fan if we want, or if we don't use the switch it will work like normal. If anyone is interested in how it works we can write it up in more detail later.

Actually we spent a lot of time picking out the switch. The more interesting ones were either too expensive and or no good way to mount.

We also worked a bit more on the seat. We have a basic layout for it.

We have the seat sitting in there now unfortunately I didn't take of the seat in the car and I'm now to lazy to take it now because we used this.

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