Friday, January 7, 2011

Catch Phrases

Since it is getting pretty cold today and snow is blowing I'm pretty sure none of us are going to want to do anything physically with the car right now, so I thought it would be a good time to work on marketing.

The Purple color already makes it rather eye catching, and the gold metallic paint makes it classy, I figured what we need now is a good catch phrase. Something that can help sell the Racing 4 Nickels brand.

The first thing is a play on the best remembered Oldsmobile Slogan

This isn't your fathers race car

Also I think a spin on the less popular slogan from 1992 (the power of intelligent engineering) would work

The Power of Stupid Engineering

or just outright steal the slogan from some of their previous years since I don't believe Oldsmobile has any lawyers left.

Something like their slogan from 1984-1986

There's a special feeling in an Oldsmobile

or take the slogan from 1902 which I'm sure is public domain

The Oldsmobile is the Best Thing on Wheels

We could also try and do something more specific to our car like

2.8 liters of fury

But the car seems more grumpy than furious. So instead maybe something like

Springs as soft as a babies behind

While true our springs are awfully soft that is on the list of things to improve, and honestly I really don't know how soft a baby behind is since I tend to avoid them since all kinds of nasty stuff comes out of them.

Maybe we could work with our theme. We already had people commenting on our candy-assed monkey suits and wanting to get the band together.

We had a band powerful enough to make got piss into gasoline, which we use to race

That is way to long.

We'll have to work on this. Suggestions are welcome, if we pick yours we'll give you absolutely nothing.


  1. Here is another one we can go gangsta and start

    Racin for the Jefferson

    You know instead of the Benjamin since Jefferson is on the nickel. Yeah I guess anything you have to explain might be worth it.

  2. Go Hard...Or Go Home