Thursday, January 27, 2011

Snow Shovel vs Race Car


I like everyone else around Chicago hates shoveling snow, but since I have to get rid of it somehow I'm always trying to find an easier way to make it go away, well other than ignoring it until spring.

Since I never got around to pulling the battery from the Cutlass before winter struck I've been starting it and running it a bit every couple weeks and since it is sitting in the middle of the driveway, so I wondered if it could be used to get rid of it.

Here is what the driveway looked like to start

So it wasn't particularly deep so it really wasn't much of an issue with the regular shovel. As for the Cutlass Ciera, it started up with a single turn of the key, no need to push the gas pedal or anything.

So how did it end up.

Well the shovel did this

The race car did this

So in the amount of time it took to shovel the whole driveway the car melted a little circle directly under the exhaust. In the cars defense it did this by itself without me having to do any work which is a plus, and since its exhaust is creating global warming the car is actually permanently solving the snow problem so its got that going for it.

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