Thursday, February 10, 2011

Leaf Blower Forced Induction 2 Electric Boogaloo

I was looking at the blog stats and realized that by far the most popular post, by almost 200 views more than the next one, was Leaf Blower Forced Induction?. That post basically shows what some people had done with a leaf blower and some basic ideas. The number of views got me thinking of how to actually make it work. So I came up with this diagram

First I figured running it all the time would probably be bad for a non forced induction engine, so I thought the best would be to put it on a button so that the driver could run it for short periods of time when they would need a bit extra power. Plus we would then get a Turbo Boost Button, who wouldn't want that.

Secondly from what I've read with the electric super chargers is that a lot of them actually block more area than adding it. So to get around that I decided to have it separate from the stock air intake. To try and keep air from going the wrong direction it would be best to have a flap that the leaf blower could force open. Have it set on a spring and it would automatically close when you aren't using the leaf blower. I also added a filter to the air intake of the leaf blower since it would merge to the air intake after the stock filter location.

There are 2 things that I think could be added to increase reliability. First would be to control the voltage the leaf blower as a method of managing boost. It could probably be done with a simple dimmer switch so you can modify it easily, but you would probably want the control somewhere the drivers can't get to it while driving or they might keep bumping it up to pass people until its stuck at full tilt. The other thing would be to insert an intercooler between the leaf blower and the stock intake. Compressing the air will increase the temperature of the air, and one of the things that kills ghettocharged engines is the increase in temp.

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