Thursday, February 3, 2011

Snow Shovel vs Race Car 2 : SNOWMAGEDON EDITION

I really wasn't planning on having a rematch but since Chicago was hit by the Blizzaster and I was going to be spending some time shoveling, I figured I might as well do something with it.

For those not around here, Tuesday Febuary 1st the Chicago Area was hit by Thundersnow. Sadly this is not the name of a new Bond Film. It is instead a snow storm with Thunder and Lightening. No Bond film but still pretty cool to watch.

So same rules as last time. I shovel while the Cutlass Ciera sits there idling. Since there was a lot more snow after the Snowpocalypse instead of shoveling the whole driveway I was just going to dig out a path for the Leggy to get out, enough snow so its under the rear bumper. Also I had dug out the night before but Snowapalooza made it look like I really didn't look like I did. To make up for this a bit I was technically working so I would have to go in every once in a while for work stuff.

So here is the results.

Lots of work and by how the one side seems to be crooked I mutst have been drunk. Also I needed to force my way through it a bit still since I didn't leave enough room for me to actually turn the car into the street.

The car did pretty much the exact same thing it did before. Seems like amount of snow doesn't really effect things. With more snow you see a nice little ring effect. The extra time also seems to allow it to evaporate the water.

As it sits currently I don't think this is a successful way to remove snow. Maybe if I could attach the tail pipe to a hose and use the hose to melt the snow.

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