Sunday, March 13, 2011


It amazing how much a difference a good set of tires make. I just replaced the tires on my daily driver, partially cause my camber was totally screwed up (over -2 degrees more than what it should be on the right front, but that should help in turning right) and partially cause the set I had were not very good, especially in the cold.

So Friday got a new set of tires and got the alignment done on the leggy, and its amazing the difference, especially after I inflated them to what they should be(but this seems to be a common occurrence when I take the car in the winter to anyone who checks the tire pressure). I'm sure part of the improvement of the ride is just having the cars alignment be right again, but overall the cars handling is definitely better. An off ramp that I drive a minimum of 5 times a week, i find myself having to correct my steering input because the car is drifting over the line on the inside of the turn. I must have gotten used to understeer in the ramp that is now gone, and I believe I took the turn faster than I usually do.

So I'm sure we'll have to consider this again when budgeting for next year, although until we fix the body roll issue its hard to know how good or bad our tires were.

On a plus side the tires I got also had an offer for a free Flip so in a month or so I should have a new toy that could be used in the race.

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