Sunday, March 6, 2011

We're on a mission from God

Well ok maybe not a mission but I figure we can at least try to get on his good side.

I while looking though a random junk drawer in a dresser at home, a drawer that I think has been left on sorted even through moves since my childhood, I found a St Jude Key Chain.

Not only is it a medalion but the back has a weird thing glued on it so it actually is a relic.

So while last year we ran the race with a key chain from the local Roller Derby team The Windy City Rollers.

I have to support my girls. Well that and I figured there was an off chance that one of the lovely ladies showed up I could impress them, or more likely for me when I did something incredibly stupid I could show them the key chain so they didn't kill me.

Anyway I figure we could do with a little help from a higher power.

So for those that aren't familiar with the Saints (the Catholic ones not the football team) I'll give a quick non official or religiously sanctioned overview.

God is a busy omnipotient being. There is a lot to do being in charge of all reality, so the Catholic Religion came up with the idea of giving some of the holier people throughout history to help out with some of the little problems we people have. So you can't find your car keys, instead of asking God who is busy creating stars on the far side of the universe, you can ask St Anthony and he'll help you find it. While being a Catholic only group they don't seem to care what religion the person asking for help is. I have heard stories of people from all kinds of religions praying to St Anthony to find something lost and finding it, or using a St Joseph statue to sell a house and it amazingly selling.

So the Key Chain is St Jude. St Jude is not the Patron Saint of Beatles songs, he is the Patron Saint of Hopeless Causes, probably the most appropriate Saint for Lemons.

A little about St Jude. He was one of the 12 Apostles, so he was one of Jesus's buddies which you know is pretty cool. He is known as various names such as Jude of James, Jude Thaddaeus, Judas Thaddaeus or Lebbaeus. He is sometimes identified with Jude, "brother of Jesus", but should have been called the other Judas, not the Judas who betrayed Jesus and got him crucified. He actually became the Patron Saint of hopeless causes because everyone kept confusing the 2 Judas's up, so at one point it was hopeless for him to ever get anyone to remember who he was. Fortunately it seems that making him the Patron Saint of hopeless causes and shortening his name to Jude worked, cause he is the Patron Saint of a soccer team in Brazil, the Chicago Police Department and a pretty famous research hospital in Tennessee, and maybe even now the Patron Saint of a Lemons team, although I'm outnumbered by Lutherans so not sure how they'll feel about that.

Well I guess we could always go back to the lovely ladies of the Windy City Rollers


  1. We've actually got twice the saint-power, I have the st. Christopher medallion. Which is fitting as he doesn't exist anymore right? :) -pete

  2. Actually I guess he still is a Saint, but they took his Feast away, and the Church basically admits no one really knows anything about her besides she was a martyr from somewhere from sometime.