Sunday, June 12, 2011

Comfy Pit Seats

This is something I've wanted to do the moment we stripped out the interior.  Sadly we ran out of time last year before the race, but since everyone else was busy this weekend and I'm pretty sure trying to drop the fuel tank on my own would end badly, I figured this week would be a good time to do it.

So I went back into my shed which has filled with discard parts from the Cutlass Ciera, and under was stacked up the front split bench seat.

For those unfamiliar with the split bench seat, it allowed you to sit 3 across in the front of the car but still allow the driver and passenger to adjust their seats independently.

Well after searching the shed a bit I found the original bolts for the seat and headed to Menards.  There I found that the GM Seats use the same thread pattern as the table legs you can buy.  Its almost like GM built their seats to do this.

So I bout the 12" table legs since I wanted the seats high enough to be comfortable.

Screw them in the bottom of the seat and yer done.

Now besides being pretty darn comfortable with adjustable headrests the drive seat has some other advantages you won't see on other seats.  You get 1 fold down arm rest that has a flip out cup holder, and inside the arm rest you have a coin holder and place to hold other stuff like snacks or a bottle opener.

Also the back of the driver seat has an ash tray.

There is still the back seat to figure out but this seems like a good start.  It really is just a shame that Oldsmobile no longer made Brougham editions in 89 since I'm pretty sure they just put couches in there for seats.


  1. That turned out to be easier then I thought, I was thinking we would have to build a frame to attach legs to.

  2. We will still have to build a frame for the back seat