Saturday, June 25, 2011

Bunch of Parts

Middle of this week I got most of the order to replace the fuel pump and the other parts that sit in the gas tank.  I would have posted earlier but the storms that came through Tuesday knocked out my power until last night.

Anyway got the whole order except for one part the o ring for the sender, which ironically was included with pretty much every other part.  Of course if I didn't order it, it wouldn't have come with any of them and I wouldn't be able to find one anywhere around the area.

Well the plan is to drop the tank and swap out the parts next weekend, so see how that goes.

Also next friday SCCA is doing a PDX on the North Course of the Autobahn so I signed up for that.  Figure some extra time on the track can't hurt, and having someone give me some pointers of how I should try and drive around the track should be helpful too.  If anyone else is doing it be sure to say hi, I'll be driving a Grey Subaru Legacy, or from what I saw last time on the registrations I will be driving the Subaru not an Imprezza of some kind.

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