Saturday, August 27, 2011

A little touch up work

Since Pete has the brake pads up in Pseudo-Wisconsin I thought I could get some other minor things taken care of, mainly touchup some paint that we ripped off from duct taping some stuff on the front, and remove Patrick from the car since he is driving for another team to make room for Albert's.

All in all looking over the paint, the purple has held up rather well, esp

ecially for it just being high gloss latex house paint. For other teams debating what to paint with, have to say house paint actually works pretty well. A gallon of paint is way more than you'll need and be cheaper to paint the car with than a bunch of cans spray paint, or cans of rustoleum, and if you plan to change themes every couple years should last plenty long for that. Plus I think if I try I might be able to peel it all off in one sheet.

Anyway on to the pics.

Touched up the front, not really that great a job, but will work for 50 at 50.

Here is the door with last years line up

After a little paint(sorry Patrick) some time to dry and its all set for whatever name Albert decides should be painted on the side(figure give him the option to put a name that will allow him to deny he has anything to do with the car)

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