Monday, August 3, 2009

Another car to look for

Yesterday while taking the old convertible for a drive I started thinking that it might not make a bad race car (well for Lemons).

As for reliablity, the v6 atleast hasn't given me any problems in all the years I had it, it is the same engine that Pete has in his 3000 gt, so he might share any he has had. The only thing I've had problems with was the master brake cylinder had to be replaced twice. Weird but not the hardest thing to replace or the most expensive(and since it is brakes exempt from the $500 rule)

the engine part is a bit of a mess since they have a 2.2 L, a 2.2 Turbo, 2.5 L, 2.5 Turbo four cylinders and a 3.0 V6. Plus I would be willing to pay for parts off a convertible if it works in mine.

Shedding weight would be fairly easy since just taking off the top windows and the electric motors for them should take off some decent weight. Add in the airbags, power seats, cent console, spare tires etc, we could probably drop 500lbs without to much effort. Also work on the cage and anything interior will be easier since we don't have to work around the roof.

Finally I have a couple themes in mind already and from what I've learned themes are probably the most important thing to getting a car into the races.


  1. That would make a nice lemons car, eventulay the alero will make a nice lemons car as well, but the oldest alero's are just at the 10 year mark.

  2. a little to new. Also what is the average milage. want to make sure the government doesn't start destroying them. Damn Government. I saw a video of them destroying the engine of a volvo, it was horrible. The engine actually sounded like it was screaming in pain. Its final act was to spit oil on the guy who did dumped the stuff in it.

  3. They get about 22mpg, There must be away to save some of those cars from the crusher. I'm sure there are alot of great potential lemons that will be crushed.