Thursday, August 6, 2009

Win A Wartburg Contest

So the People over at the 24 hours of LeMons are giving away a 1958 Wartberg 311.

Details here:

Bob and I have entered, Pete is working on his submission.

Here is what Bob submitted;

This fine example of East German automotive engineering is exactly what I need to bring my dream of making a sequel to the greatest automotive film of all time, Driving Me Crazy, into reality. As I’m sure you already know, Driving Me Crazy ( ) is a film of an East German inventor who builds a car to allow him to escape to freedom. Of course by the time he finished the car he no longer needed to jump over the wall since it was torn down. So he brings it to LA where the movie quickly turns into a commentary of the corruption of the auto and oil industries. The car is stolen and only with the help of Billy Dee Williams can they retrieve the car from the evil mob boss Mr. K, played by Dom DeLuise, and show the world the virtues of his potato based fuel. This message is so true and important that I believe the auto industry and oil companies have made sure that no mention of this fine film will be made in Wikipedia, and even IMDB if you search for it by title will come up with a different movie.With this car in my possession I will surely be able to finally convince Mr. Billy Dee Williams to sign on to the sequel and then my only problems will be the Car and Oil Industry conspiracy and bring Dom DeLuise back from the dead to play the Zombie Mob Boss Mr. K. I really feel that the Zombie Mob Boss will broaden the appeal of the sequel.Of course if the Car and Oil Industries are able to stop production, Billy Dee Williams refuses to act in the movie again, or I am unable to bring Dom DeLuise back from the dead, I’m sure I can use the Wartburg in a race or something.

Bob Chinn

This sounds like a great movie with an all-star cast to boot. Wonder why I haven't heard of it--Nick

Here is my submission,

So I see you have gotten a lot of Give me the Car! and one I'm going to remake a Movie that no one has heard of.
I didn't see any that offered you something in exchange for the privilege of taking this fine example of East German engineering off of your hands. But what can I offer you may ask? I offer 2 bottles of homemade lemon cello, I'll also let the one guy use the car to remake that movie and of course bring it to race in the Glory that is the 24 Hours of LeMons.

I'm sure others will start to offer you other varied alcohols or their first born sons, but hopefully I'm the first to have made an offer, but if not I wish you luck in reading all of the entries and making your decision.

Jonathan Lattyak

We will post Pete's entry when he gets it written up, stay tuned and wish us luck


  1. Of course now we must wait. Entries are still being accepted until September 1st, then they have to decide. I guess we can only dream of what we can do to that little beauty and look through the internet for Russian military surplus items.

    I did come up with a tee shirt idea based on a Soviet Union Tee Shirt for the tank division.

  2. I was under the impression that this was an east german car, and while they were under soviet rule , they were also unique in there own ways.

  3. there were also east german uniforms but they really weren't as flashy.

    While East Germany was an independent nation and not a communist country(they were socialists) they did have russian soldiers occuping them until they reunited since they were the front line of the cold war.