Sunday, August 30, 2009

So We Looked at the Car

Bob and I went out to Naperville to look at the '89 Cutlass Ciera. It had been sitting for about a year and was rusting in all the usual places. The battery was dead, we tried to jump it with a battery charger and with my car, but it was to far gone. We tried to remove the battery as well, but you need to get the air filter assembly out of the way or remove the stability bar that runs over the top of it. We were unsuccessful on both counts. The seller said he would try and figure out how to get the battery out, and if he is successful he will let us know and we will go out with a working battery and see if we can get it started.

One thing that Bob and I did notice is that the interior smelled like our old Celebrities, it must be a GM A-body thing.

We will need to remember to bring a camera to take pictures if we go looking at more cars

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  1. Duff you forgot to mention the sweet split bench front seat.

    These are way cooler than the bucket seats all cars seem to come with now.

    As mentioned by Rachal Sklar here : , the Split frant seats had certain advantages during those teenage dating scene.

    Also the fact that you can sit 3 people in the front legally since it had 3 seat belts, if it weren't for the racing seat regs we could fit a entire team of 6 in the car(3 in front 3 in back) and truely race as a team at all times.