Friday, April 2, 2010

Aero Package

When Franz was in he helped me work on this. Still a bit rough since the main part want to fold making it hard to make it look right on the car while out of cardboard, but it gives an idea of how it works. And it would work better made out of something that isn't cardboard, maybe.


  1. So that would help direct air up in to the engine?

    It would need to be easily removable so we can get under the car to change the oil and get the jack on the cross brace so we can lift the front of the car up. I'm sure we could use that roll of metal in your shed to make something like that.

  2. I was figuring screws to put it on, but it doesn't go that low and the wing doesn't go that far in. It should increase airflow in plus should create more downforce in the the front. Although to increase airflow more we probably would have to cut the hood behind the radiator and use heating vents so that the air coming in will have a place to go. Even if we don't do this we might want to do that anyway.