Thursday, April 8, 2010

Those are some nice curves

Since work is about to start again I think it is time to start petitioning for a bit of a silicon upgrade.

No I'm not trying to get some sandbags put in the trunk. I'm talking about a chip upgrade.

You see there is a company that specializes in the 60 degree V6 like the one we have in the cutlass. And they program a chip specifically for the A-body's. The numbers don't sound all that impressive. 5 hp and 7 ft/lbs of Torque, but raw numbers aren't everything. Instead look at this picture.

The real impressive part is that it hits all the numbers about 1000 rpm sooner. Meaning you will have the power much quicker which is actually better than having twice the power yet have to wait till you almost red line to use it, like aftermarket large turbos do. This will also allow us to get rid of the MAF which tends to be troublesome, and we can set some other parameters like max rpm in park and neutral, max rpm in drive, speed limiter, etc. Plus they can probably tune it a bit more if we tell them we are running without a cat and a straight through muffler and a lower temp thermostat.

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