Sunday, July 3, 2011

track day fun

Today we spent the day working on the car and since Pete took the pics we decided he has to do the write up, so no talking about that now. Instead I'll write about the track day I did on Friday. It was originally planned for the North track but it was pretty full so they moved it from the North track to the South track because you could never fit 20 cars on the North track....

So my chance to get some good insight into the North Track fell through so it was just a chance to take the Legacy to the track and play with it, which you can't really complain about.

It happened that Grand Subaru sponsored the event and bought slots for a bunch of their customers to use so there were lots and lots of Subarus. All WRX's and STI's (mostly STI's I believe). I was placed in the beginner group since this is my first full track day with the heaviest, lowest horsepowered car in my beginner group, but I did bring the free for nothing Cisco Flip I had gotten with my horribly awful scotch tape and digital camera case tripod thingy. Posted below

Lots of helpful tips for the south course if you ever drive it and highlight include in the video of the 2nd session get to see how the legacy handles with 2 wheels in the dirt, cause you know its a Subaru therefor needs to spend some of its time playing in the dirt (not that I wasn't being patient in patience) 3rd session lots of lovely shots of the back of a vette, and proof that better lines can not always beat horsepower. Also my car is way to quiet, I think I need to poke holes in the exhaust system or something.

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