Sunday, July 17, 2011

I can't think of anything witty title for this blog entry

So more troubleshooting today.

We started the day by taking a trip to Harbor freight for the $20 Fuel Injection Pressure Tester, cause harbor frienght is where you go when you need something but don't expect to use it very often.  Of course when we left I realized I forgot to get the Teflon tape, cause a Harbor Freight $20 Fuel Injection Pressure Tester, atleast according to the online reviews, tends to leak if you don't use Teflon tape, So a quick stop at menards and we were all set.

Hook it up primed the system and it went right to 42 psi, which is between the 40.5-47 psi that the factory repair manual ( also an excellent $20 purchase) said it should be.  While cranking it stayed right there too, so it looks like the pump is good, pressure regulator is good and all that.  Still not wanting to start.  So figured the net step was to check the fuel injectors.

Unfortunately the fuel rail with the injectors is under the plenum which means we'd have to take it off.

Of course the throttle body and egr valve and vacuum hoses and map sensors and other stuff is all connected the plenum. But eventually we got enough stuff disconnects so we could get to them.

Once we started Ohming them out. Of course once we started we realized we didn't actually know what we should be looking for, but decided to write them down and look it up later.

First one we Ohmed to 12.6, it seemed like a good number. Well of to the next and we got 2.1. while not knowing what its suppose to be or what range is acceptable we were pretty sure that the range wouldn't be that wide. Well the 3rd should tell us which is right. We Ohm it and got 7.3, Pretty much smack dab in between them. At this point we are pretty sure we are getting all new injectors since they're all over the place, but we are still wanting to figure out which is work. The rest in order were 9.2, 12.7 and 10.7.

After a little of searching on the net we found out that they should be above 12, and you want them all to be within .5 of each other. So we basically have 2 that were in spec, one that was way out and 3 that are various degrees of bad.

So used the Rock Auto Discount that is over to the Left Right, and up a bit from this sentence and order 6 new injectors some gaskets and some o-rings. At least I didn't have to search for the Rock Auto Discount since the Rock Auto Discount is on this page. (I have also decided I will try and get extra hits on this blog by saying Rock Auto Discount a bunch of times so we will hopefully move up on the Rock Auto Discount search list on sites like Google or Yahoo, so when people lock for a Rock Auto Discount they will get the Rock Auto Discount Code from this Site. Maybe if enough people get their Rock Auto Discount Code from this blog Rock Auto would want to sponsor us and give us money and we can put a Rock Auto Discount on the car during the race)


  1. Sounds like you've found the problem! Congrats!

  2. The discount is over to the right, not the left!

  3. probably more like your right. Still working on learning the difference from my right and left.