Monday, July 11, 2011

The more things we fix...

This is probably the worst part of working on the car this year. It seems that the more we fix the worse the car runs, if at all. The only thing I could think of is that like Mr Burns, the car ran last year because of the Three Stooges syndrome.

So many things wrong that they somehow allowed the car to run.

So last weekend we dropped the fuel thank and replaced the fuel pump and sender and all those other parts. While doing that we found out that the vapor line had been snapped at sometime, so we find a way to replace that and get it connected to the sender. We then realized that the fuel return line quick connect was leaking so we repaired that, and now that the car was getting gas it should run right? Nope now it doesn't like to start. If you can when you start reving it sounds like spitting the fuel not like spraying it. After getting fed up and everyone leaving on saturday I thought I would look at it on sunday. Being an idiot I just pushed in the fuel pressure nozzle, and nothing. No hiss, no fuel nothin. I tried to start it and on the second start it fired up. Still wouldn't let me give it full throttle but atleast it started. I stopped it and it started back up. This time when I stupidly hit the valve it shot up fuel.

I figured I shouldn't start it after shooting gas on the engine, so I ran an errand or so and when I came back wouldn't start again.

Read up the trouble shooting section of the manual to figure out what might be the problem and it looks like maybe the fuel pressure regulator is messed up. It might have been always messed up but since there wasn't much fuel pressure it didn't really matter, but now that it is getting hit with some actual pressure it might just be flowing fuel straight from the inlet back out of the outlet not letting the fuel injectors get any, maybe.

Hopefully this will fix it cause now that all the cylinders are getting spark and might start getting fuel I'm really curious to see how it will run on the track since it somehow made it around the track a bunch of times without any of that stuff.

Of course maybe this will show something else that is wrong like the fact that the car never had pistons in it or something.


  1. Pistons? Whaddya need those for anyway?

  2. Come to think of it, my parents had similar issues with their early-'80s Cavalier. Replaced the nasty, worn, gunked-up spark plugs with new ones? Car runs like shit. Put the old ones back in? Better. Lots of things like that. Must be a GM thing. "Will run poorly longer than most cars will run at all."