Thursday, April 21, 2011

LeMons Dreams

The other night I dreamed that the race was a little over a week away and that we hadn't even started fixing the car yet.

I'm guessing this is the LeMons equivalent of showing up for the dream of having a test and not studying, except in my version it is always that the final is coming up for a class that I had forgotten about and never attended and aren't even sure where the class was. It would normally take a few minutes after I wake up to realize that I'm no longer in college.

Anyways instead of panicking I went about prioritizing what needed to be done right away to give us the best chance to make it through the race. With luck we may have even got the car ready without to much trouble, of course with the residual we got for the car we could almost drop the car off at a mechanic and pay someone to fix it. Not something I'd actually want to do but maybe if we do that I could move the dream forward to the race where the real fun stuff happens, you know staring at the car wondering why it doesn't run.

Of course this might just mean that we should start actually working on the car, or I need to have better dreams.

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