Monday, April 4, 2011

Pics from Chump Car Road America April 3, 2011

Pete and I made the drive up to see the Chump Car race on Sunday. It was rainy and cold which I think kept even the teams that were still there and running to try and find somewhere warm and dry to hide so we really didn't see anyone around. So we drove around the track and I took some fairly awful pictures which you can find here.
Since words are boring here are some of the less awful pics

It was my first time to actually go to Road America, and I've never realized how much elevation changes that course actually has. Also when they called everyone in because of Lightning, Pete and I took the case to go into Plymouth for a lunch and The Bar-b-que which oddly was really a diner and not a Barbeque place, and I guess since they only served breakfast on Sunday we had brunch. Either way the steak and eggs and coffee was good.

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